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13. field of screams


Boasting four elaborate and over the top attractions, Field of Screams takes our number twelve spot! With an elaborate hayride and two walk-through attractions that have won multiple awards from us here at FrightTour, Field of Screams is no laughing matter! Aside from the terrifying attractions, the venue is also home to live music, games and concessions. Located near the Lancaster area, it is a must if you are looking for something frightful to do at night after a day of feasting and shopping at the local nearby farms and shops. 


12. hotel of horror


Refreshing, new and yes full of horror...Hotel of Horror is an awesome one of a kind experience through the haunted corridors of the old Lake House in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania. What makes this attraction so unique is the layout and how the original building is used. You find yourself wandering the abandoned hallways and rooms of the Lake House and quickly learn that this attraction is no joke. It's dark and sinister on its own but add live actors and in-depth story lines and we have a recipe for something scary! If a trip back in history mixed with horror is something you're after, get to Hotel of Horror!




A name synonymous with the haunt industry, ShocktoberFest is one of those haunts who does it first. With mind-blowing and terrifying attractions including one of the best hayrides we have ever experienced it is sure to make you scream! In addition to the haunted hayride, ShocktoberFest is home to three other attractions including the elaborate and massive halls of the Haunted Prison which still to this day brings back some of the best scares ever experienced during any of our tours. Be sure to get there early in the season though as the lines do get long and yes there is a case of bottlenecking. But still an amazing experience!


10. hundred acres manor


What can't you say about Hundred Acres Manor that already hasn't been said before? It's massive, it's terrifying, it's long, it's dark, it's scary as all hell! Yes, we know you have probably heard all of this before! Hundred Acres Manor showcases five attractions under one roof in one continuous stream. From aliens to the undead, there is always something lurking the long narrow and twisting halls of Hundred Acres Manor. Still to this date, we have not seen anything more grand and executed on a massive scale as Hundred Acres Manor and get this, all of it is for charity! In the Pittsburgh area, go to Hundred Acres Manor!


9. brighton asylum


Calling an abandoned warehouse home, Brighton Asylum is a sinister attraction with elaborate sets and intense scares with the added touch of contact. This haunt has transformed over the years into a powerhouse of a haunt, offering something new every year, it just keeps getting bigger and better! Not only does Brighton Asylum offer scares up during the Halloween season but it also opens the doors during Christmas, Easter and Valentine's Day. It is immersive and dark throwing you into a chaotic world of the insane, the evil, the macabre. If you visit the New York area during the month of October, get yourself to Brighton Asylum!!!


8. headless horseman


The Headless Horseman of Ulster Park, New York has been a name floating around for many years. It has been one attraction that I have personally wanted to experience ever since I first heard about it. Well in 2018, I finally made it to this truly massive attraction! Headless Horseman houses nine different and separate attractions in one location! Aside from the many walk through experiences, Headless Horseman is also home to the most terrifying hayrides I have ever experienced! It was so good that they two hour drive there would of been worth it just for that on its own. Again, another haunt synonymous with the haunt industry and definite must if you love haunted houses! 


7. reaper's revenge


Our fifth spot goes to a four attraction haunt located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Reaper's Revenge is an awesome ride from start to finish showcasing three haunted houses and one hayride. Taking the form of your typical outdoor haunted attraction, Reaper's Revenge does breathe some fresh air into the genre with some new scares and scenes never seen anywhere else. The hayride alone was one of the best in the area! For years we had been receiving messages from our viewers urging us to visit this location and give it a go. Well we are so glad that we finally listened. Reaper's Revenge is definitely one of the scariest haunted attractions in the Northeast!




Taking our Fright of the Year award for four years in a row, FrightWorld is a powerhouse of a haunt located in Buffalo, New York. Featuring five different and separate haunts under one roof, FrightWorld is terrifying, menacing, dark, sinister, horrifying...ok calm down Louis. Still to this day, there has never been any other haunt that has unnerved me like FrightWorld. All five of the attractions found at FrightWorld are scary as hell but one takes the cake for being the scariest haunted house I have ever experienced and that is NightStalkers! Do yourself a favor and look it up, it is the most terrifying experience ever! FrightWorld is no joke, it is one of the scariest in the Northeast and definitely the scariest in NY!


5. markoff's haunted forest


Starting off our top three is an insane, an intense and an immensely terrifying attraction located in the darkest woods of Dickerson, Maryland. Markoff's Haunted Forest is a sight to behold for those who can appreciate the artistry that CAN BE executed when creating a haunted attraction. This three attraction haunt is massive, dark, sinister, and so much fun! With a general theme that changes each year, the rotunda is full of countless activities to keep everyone busy outside of your traditional haunt experiences. Featuring three outdoor haunted trails with elaborate and immersive sets, Markoff's Haunted Forest is in a category of its own. A definite must!


4. Haunted overload


Our runner-up is a massive outdoor haunted attraction located at The Demeritt Hill Farm in Lee, New Hampshire. Haunted Overload is a whimsical, artistic but terrifying masterpiece! Everything from sets to costumes are created by hand! Winning countless accolades including ABC's Great Halloween Fright Fight, it has become a name synonymous with the haunt industry. The sets are massive, elaborate and the entire experience is immersive. There is NO WAY you can see and experience everything just one time through. In fact, we have experienced this award winning haunt three separate times! And there is always something new! It is a must if you love Halloween, it is the epitome of what Halloween is.




Taking the number one haunt for three years, is a monstrous, a powerhouse, a downright terrifying thirty-five minute walk through elaborate scenes of horror and gore. From start to finish, Bennett's Curse is a juggernaut of a haunt featuring intense and in your face scares that leave the hairs on the back of your neck standing and your skin tingling. I swear, by the time our faces hit the fresh cool air of October, we are sweating from this insane ride. Winning our 2018 and 2019 Fright of the Year award, Bennett's Curse is a must if in the area of the East Point Mall in Baltimore, Maryland.





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