October 02, 2015


PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYVANIA - The weather outside was frightful and it kept many outdoor haunted attractions in our area closed. With an insatiable itch, we couldn't sit here and let a tour pass us by... So we got in our car and drove 45 minutes West to Philadelphia to one of the only indoor haunts in our area, Fright Factory! We were hoping our experience was just as scary as our drive through the wind and rain. So click the "more" link below to read our first review of our 2015 FrightTour!


Finally after a year of waiting, our 2015 Tour has commenced! However we were scheduled to begin our tour at a different haunt. Considering Hurricane Joaquin couldn’t decide where to head, we had to change our plans due to the onslaught of rain that enveloped the East Coast. Therefore, our wheels turned for nearly 45 minutes until we reached our first haunt of the season, Fright Factory! Housed in the basement of an abandoned warehouse in South Philly, Fright Factory promises to deliver real fear. Well at least that’s what we were hoping for and not really gaining any concrete information from the website, we had no idea what to expect.

As we rolled up to the front entrance of the haunt there was an excessive amount of vehicles parked and I thought, “It’s rainy, it’s windy… why are there so many people here?” Well thankfully all these cars were parked there for something else. Obviously due to weather, the attraction wasn’t too busy and this put a smile on my face. Of course it would, why the hell would I want to stand in line for hours and hours just to experience a haunt Halloween Horror Night style? (conga style) So after grabbing our tickets and getting frisked at the entrance, we were walking down the dark ramp taking us below the streets of Philly. Once underground the hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up, I wasn’t even inside the attraction and I was already creeped out! There is just something about being in Philly, walking into the basement of an abandoned warehouse... it just works on its own! However, once we were finally ushered inside, that creepy feeling that worked on its own sort of faded away.


You know when you hear a song for the first time on the radio and you think its going to be an awesome song? Then you get to the chorus and you change the station? Well that is sort of what happened once inside Fright Factory. The first one hundred steps or so were suspenseful in the sense we had no idea what was coming, but after those first steps we knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into. It all started to make sense to us, the website is basic, not really divulging any information regarding what lurks within the walls of this unknown haunt. It was just an attraction thrown together, and don’t get me wrong, sometimes that can work very well. But in all honesty... cause thats how we operate, the basic approach Fright Factory is using does not work. For those of you who have been avid FrightTour readers know we wish every attraction we experience is the most terrifying haunt we have ever walked through. But lets face it, the world is not perfect and that just doesn’t happen! In fact it couldn’t because what would be the point of a site like FrightTour? Could you imaging living in a world where every haunted attraction was the most terrifying haunted house you have ever witnessed? It would be kind of boring no?

Well anyway back to our first review of 2015... Fright Factory has a butt load of potential to be one of those top rated haunts in the area and we feel that if some key aspects of the attraction were fixed, it would be! From the start to the very end, Fright Factory felt very basic, no story line, no attention to detail or development. Of course, not every haunt needs a novel like story line, but if the attraction stands on its own without one, then the attraction better be strong in other aspects. This unfortunately wasn’t the case within the plywood walls of Fright Factory. It felt unpolished, unfinished and just nailed together. There was no fog, no portions of darkness, disorientation or confusion. Almost every scare came from an actor and sometimes there is only so much actors can do. You need those extra special effects to create a sense of vulnerability for those walking through. We felt like the actors sort of knew this because each one from the first to the very last was in character and honestly blowing us away! We have never seen such dedicated actors like this. It was honestly the best part of Fright Factory, we were having more fun laughing then screaming, which unfortunately isn’t what we intended on doing.


Of course there were some highlights to our experience that cannot go unnoticed… Most notably the small lady in the bathroom with her “slime”, the laundry bin scare and the gigantic clown that just had to stand against the wall and laugh. Without these few mentionable scares we feel like Fright Factory would have been a total bust. Overall it just needs some tender loving care and some follow through. Competition in the haunt industry is fierce and to stay on top you have to think outside the box, get the creative juices flowing, break boundaries, get a little dirty and scare the daylights out of your customers. As of right now, Fright Factory is a little behind the times… There was no “wow” factor, something that blew our minds… There was nothing that put us out of our comfort levels… There was nothing that brought down our defenses and left us open to the talented actors lurking the hallways… It was just “eh”. If you’re looking for something more intense, then Fright Factory is not for you. We wouldn’t recommend it to the newest haunt veteran, but again that is our opinion and every opinion differs. We hope Fright Factory can turn it around, cause the venue is perfect. But until then, it is another haunt that will fade into the many that just don’t do it for us.