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October 11, 2013


EAST WINDSOR, NEW JERSEY - Over the last three years, Field of Terror has been deemed the "Scariest Haunted Attraction" by us. Over the years we have watched the four attraction based fright farm flourish into the biggest attraction in the state of New Jersey. Considering the long run of being the "best of the best" we knew that the day would come where our return visit to the field would run dry... Well not so dry! The scares are still there, the inventive creations are still present and the corn maze is still the best we have ever walked through... Well then, why the sad face?


Before I begin my review, I would like everyone to know this specific critique shouldn't be looked as bad, considering the reason why we had to lower our "Fright Rating". Remember our opinion is just one in the vast realm of reviews and ratings. Someone who visits Field of Terror on a different night could encounter a totally different experience. We dissect each attraction one by one... Providing our positives and negatives regarding each. Some of these attractions are simply not scary and it takes A LOT of money, time and effort to fix. However, Field of Terror is scary, inventive, creative and awesome! Everything we came to love and still love is still there. But October 11, 2013 must have been an "off" night for the actors of the field. Which by the way is something that can be fixed quickly. So you shouldn't write Field of Terror off at all.

Ok... Lets begin! We began our night with Dementia which has always been a favorite 3D maze of mine. This maze is a unique and fresh take on a 3D attraction. Instead of the traditional fanfare music, clown masks and circus material. The maze is more of an eye popping look into a world of plain old terror. There is no laughter, buzzers, spitting flowers or horns... There are bound bodies, barrels of toxic waste, doors into the unknown and disorienting rooms that can leave you lost in a cloud of fog. Our first year inside was the best it has ever been. This year just fell short. It lacked that umpf it has had during previous tours. There were a few scares, but because most of it was the same, I knew what was coming when it was coming. I could probably walk through it blindfolded...

Now I know the attraction can't go through DRASTIC changes each year because it would cost a ton of money. But there were some nice additions to the maze like the "pipe way". Here the walls hug your personal space and you are forced to duck and maneuver in and around pipes coming from the ceiling and walls. This was a great addition, however, I felt there was something missing and it was actors. I thought, "It would be amazing to have someone lurking through the pipes waiting for someone!" But nothing came and nothing happened. In fact, throughout much of the attraction I felt there was a lack of actors... What actors I did come in contact with seemed very un-focused. We ran into two groups where we felt like we were interrupting an important conversation. It is a HUGE pet peeve of mine when actors break character to answer cell phones, text or have a conversation with another. You are getting paid! So why do it!

Lets jump to our second attraction, The Killer Kornfield... This maze of corn stalks has always been the BEST in our opinion. It is a long, winding, and terrifying corn maze that takes you almost 35 minutes to complete. Over the last three years this has been our top attraction at Field of Terror. We have watched the walkway take on new additions like the "maze box" or the boat. So going into this we were very excited! Well... That quickly ended when we again encountered an actor conversation! What gets me is instead of continuing their discussion, they feel that scattering to their spots very quickly while in the view of us will convey any type of reaction from me when they jump out. If I can see you and see where you go... How is that going to scare me? It doesn't!

We encountered this type of activity four times throughout the Killer Kornfield and it soured me very quickly. Don't get me wrong this maze is still CREEPY. It is dark, quiet and the wind can play tricks on your mind with the stalks. There were still plenty of scares... Most notably the light up eye mask that came out of nowhere and the "cage banger". These two got the best of me! So I thank you both for doing your job! As usual Sharon Kyle is amazing at what she does... The amount of creativity that goes into this is remarkable. Where can you take a slide, go the wrong way, climb through a boat or find your way out of an actual maze in one night? While I wanted to keep the Killer Kornfiled in my top spot, I unfortunately had to place it last this time because of four sets of actors that felt the need to break character for hopefully an important discussions...

Saving the Unknown Barn for last we took a ride on the Zombie Attack Haunted Hayride. Anyone who has been following our reviews throughout the years knows that we find hayrides more of an entertainment attraction. Therefore, we go on these wild rides knowing there are so many factors that can make a hayride amazing or just down right awful... Thankfully this hayride was as always, pretty enjoyable. While I didn't jump, I found myself laughing and just having a good time. To me it takes a lot for a haunted hayride to fail. If you can get me to laugh, scream or smile while riding then we're good! It's all about how you incorporate those on the wagon into the scenes you have lined up. And Field of Terror is perfect at doing that! However, considering not much changed since last season I really have nothing to say other than have a good time! Because you will! It is the perfect thing to do on a chilly Fall night! So don't pass it up!

Moving along here, we are at our final attraction of the night The Unknown Barn! Thank the FRIGHT GODS we saved this for last because it was the ultimate and perfect way to finish off the night! Throughout the years this has always been inconsistent in delivering the scares. However, for the second year in a row the barn takes the top spot! The maze is full of disorienting and tricky rooms, obstacles, and awesome effects that leave you breathless. It has definitely been beefed up since last year with some new additions making the maze a tad bit longer. The best room of the attraction was the fogged out skull room. For some reason, no matter how many times we go through I always manage to have a heart attack! The way it is done is just perfect! In fact the entire attraction was perfect! I honestly couldn't find anything wrong with it! Definitely save this for last, you won't be disappointed! We weren't!

Overall Field of Terror is still an excellent place to spend a Fall night... Now I know you read a little bit about actors who decided to break character during our experience. While this is a huge peeve of mine, I still think it is something that can be fixed quickly. Therefore, your experience could differ completely. Who knows you could go there and it could be the scariest place on earth. Which it has been for the last three years (in our opinion). You could go there and run into the same problem we did (I hope not). Basically your experience could be completely different from ours. Field of Terror is scary, inventive, creative and awesome like stated above. It is worth the money spent, it is worth the time in line and it is worth a visit! Knowing the Kyle's from over the last few years, I know they take this very seriously. I know that the issues stated in this review have already been addressed and fixed. that is why Field of Terror is so successful... They take our reviews and critiques into consideration... Not just mine, but everyones... It really is an awesome place!

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