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September 24, 2016


FALL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS - For those of you loyal to us, you know that we work very hard not to bash or inappropriately degrade anyone's work. However, sometimes that is just not possible and unfortunately this is one of those times.

Factory of Terror in Fall River, Massachusetts was by far the worst experience Joe and I have ever had. The entire venue was unorganized, confusing, repetitive, unfriendly and just not scary. From the moment we got there we felt rushed and unwanted, even though there was no line to get in. And that is something that played out until the very end. I paid to experience the attraction but didn't feel like we were wanted there once we forked over the $22 each. Sort of like, "You paid now walk through and get the hell out!"


I kind of felt like I had just been brought into prison, told to stand here, stand there, wait here, wait there... it was just a complete unorganized mess. The attraction was not three separate attractions, but just one continuous confusing maze of black plywood, splattered paint and ineffective, untrained actors. "Follow the white arrows" they said... well that would have helped if A. they were visible and B. if there was some lighting provided. During our walk we got confused and sometimes lost due to the many open doorways. If you had told me there was a fire and I had to find my way out, I would have looked at you like you had seven heads and wandered like a chicken with its head cut off. Tie everything together; dark halls and rooms with no definitive way of direction, which attraction of the three you were currently experiencing, no creativity, a maze of black plywood walls and broken down props, untrained and repetitive actors screaming "get out", "keep it moving" or just blowing out your ear drums over and over again and we were left shaking our heads in disbelief. It wasn't scary, it wasn't creepy and it was without a doubt not fun in the least.

About two minutes in I just gave up all hope and walked through making great haste to the exit. Simply put, you will pay $22 to take a walk through the park... a dark, confusing and dull park full of screaming actors. I couldn't wait to get out!


This is why we do what we do. We try so hard not to bash or degrade the work of haunt owners but unfortunately Factory of Terror is deserving of it. We felt robbed, we felt cheated of our time and money. When we finally exited we were in utter shock and couldn't believe what just happened.

Everything about the event was mis-leading. From their website to the list of attractions... The following is from their website:

"Factory of Terror is a memorable haunted house experience that will bring you back year after year."

"WARNING: Strobe lights in use and fog machines in use."


And on their Facebook Page it states Factory of Terror is New England's Premier Haunted House!

I will not be returning year after year and there was definitely not one fog machine or strobe light used inside. It felt and looked like it opened twenty years ago and hasn't been touched since. Oh yes, I missed that, this location of the three in operation has been open for twenty years... twenty! I have seen attractions who just opened last year with a better system and overall venue then this. Oh and if you didn't know the Fall River location is one of three owned and operated by the same company. Of course we can't speak for the other locations but the Fall River version of Factory of Terror was the biggest let down in all of FrightTour history. And after experiencing it, it's probably safe to say that the other two locations aren't much better. But we will cross that bridge when we get there.

So if you haven't noticed by now, we weren't impressed with Factory of Terror one bit. It wasn't scary, it wasn't fun, it was anything but! We would never recommend this attraction to anyone even if the ticket was free. Factory of Terror has fallen victim to quantity instead of quality. If the quality of the two other locations is similar to that of the Fall River location. Then I strongly suggest closing one if not both and consolidating everything into one location.

If you live in the area or are visiting close by... DO NOT be persuaded by nifty tag lines or hysterical positive reviews of this place posted on their Facebook page or other haunt review sites. How does this place have a "five star" rating on Facebook!? In our book, it was without a doubt the worst attraction we have ever experienced. It sort of felt like one of those tourist traps you encounter driving cross country where the "World's Biggest Alligator" can be seen but instead it was made from a toy company. Do yourself a favor and drive to Abington, Massachusetts and spend your time and money at Barrett's Haunted Mansion.

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