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October 27, 2015


BAYVILLE, NEW YORK - Those who have been loyal FrightTour readers since we started the site know that throughout the season we post reviews of attractions in the order they were experienced. Well that is all about to change as we are about to do something we have never done before! We are going completely out of order and posting a review immediately after our experience! Yes folks that's right, my fingers are typing while Joe is driving the two hours home. But that’s not all, normally we detail each attraction throughout our night with each review. However, this time we will discuss Bayville Scram Park as a whole... Why? Of course you must read and trust me, you don’t want to scroll through!


For the last three years Bayville Scream Park has been on our radar but we never made it here thanks to mother nature and our own personal lives. Therefore, upon arriving after a long drive we were both very excited to finally get our feet wet at the five attraction haunt. These five attractions include; Bloodworth Manor, Uncle Needles Funhouse of Fear in 3D, Temple of Terror, Curse of the Zombie Pirates and Evil in the Woods. Let’s just say… haunt heaven! Well not so much and we’ll explain why!

From where we stood while waiting to get our tickets the place looked promising. The attractions have gorgeous facades and the overall set up was very professional. It was obvious the place does very well. Not to mention during the day it’s Bayville Adventure Park. But anyway, we digress. So considering the overall look we were hoping that once inside the attractions the level of professionalism would follow through. Usually when one of our reviews begins with, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” The review usually turns our to be more positive than negative. Well this is another thing not typical of us. For another first time, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” unfortunately will be followed by a negative review.

Before the onslaught of negativity begins I just want to say that while I am trying to post this review in a professional and positive manner while executing my truthful critique… it might come off like I am bashing the place. Unfortunately we can’t help it because Bayville Scream Park was a major disappointment from start to finish. It wasn’t creepy, scary, terrifying or anything of the above. In fact it wasn’t even enjoyable. By our third house of the night which was Temple of Terror we were just walking through cause we paid $49.75 to get in. It was upsetting… the attractions were void of actors, creativity and scares. Throughout our entire experience I screamed once! So thank you to the clown in the mirror maze at the start of Uncle Needles Funhouse of Fear in 3D. There is more to an attraction then machine blown webs, elaborate sets and an appealing name.


For example, as stated above our third house of the night was Temple of Terror which from the outside looked like we were about to enter an Egyptian tomb. But once inside we learned it was an open air “find your way out” style maze with plastic panels bearing Egyptian symbols, wood and jute as walls. There were a few actors inside but no fog which wouldn’t have been effective anyway since it would have just escaped out the top. We felt like we were part of a lab test, you know where the mice start at one end and have to find the cheese in the center? How is that scary? It was so… boring!

So boring that we honestly had no high expectations entering the final two houses of the night. After exiting our final house of the night, Bloodworth Manor. I stood in the middle of the midway scratching my head and wondered what we had just paid for… These attractions weren’t even mediocre, they were full of old and broken props, animatronics and hundreds of static zombie or mutilated body props. The actors felt out of it and bored. Their execution and timing was way off. Majority of them played the, “Am I real or am I fake” gig while waiting till we were miles away from them before they came to life. By that time our backs were to them, it was actually comical. Some of them just stood there and watched us walk by. The only two houses that had anything going for them was Uncle Needles Funhouse of Fear and Bloodworth Manor. The layout, rooms and scenery were nice but that was it. There was nothing to these attractions. It kind of felt comparable to Halloween Horror Nights of Orlando in the sense of quantity over quality. With as much as we paid you would think things would be upgraded, fixed and changed… you would think there would be more actors roaming around. I don’t know, something to show the money accrued is going towards something! Hell there wasn’t event any street entertainment. It felt like Bayville Scream Park only cared about the almighty dollar rather then the satisfaction of their patrons. I could only imagine what the throughput is like on a really busy night, most likely a conga style like HHN.


Overall we will never recommend Bayville Scream Park to anyone. It was the most disappointing attraction we have visited to date. There was nothing unique, creative or scary about it. Instead of five attractions there should be two, instead of fifty dollars it should be twenty-five. Instead of walking and laughing there should be screams and gasps, instead of walking through jute tents plopped on a mini golf course called Curse of the Zombie Pirates it should be an elaborate excursion through the bows of a wooden ship. It was so upsetting in so many ways we were happy the night was over. We felt robbed, cheated and sorry. Sorry in the sense that a place with so much potential, so much razzle dazzle can lose its way and become complacent offering the run of the mill attractions with no intensity, structure or passion. Please don’t waste your time or money if you live more than thirty minutes from this venue. We will gladly recommend numerous attractions that charge far more less than fifty bucks to scare you and where they actually succeed at doing it!

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