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Walk of Fear Review

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

VINCENTOWN, NEW JERSEY - Throughout the years of FrightTour we have experienced attractions on foot and by wagon through corn, woods, houses, barns and hedges. Therefore when we added Bamboo Walk of Fear to our 2015 tour we were very excited. This outdoor style attraction is the first of its kind we have ever experienced. We can now add a bamboo garden to our list. From their website we weren’t successful on obtaining an general idea of what to expect other than we would be walking through bamboo. Then we thought, “How scary can an attraction through a bamboo garden be?” Well there is only one way to find out isn’t there. So after a forty five-minute drive, grabbing our tickets and waiting a few minutes to enter we were off on our twenty-five minute journey through the Bamboo Walk of Fear!

Sadly the Walk of Fear was far from its title. The attraction consisted of party tents, store bought props, inflatables, sections of bamboo, a beach and then portions with detailed sets. It was like being on a roller coaster full of straight away track and lift hills. It was anti climatic lacking intensity, an overall theme and creativity. Now that sounds harsh and it is but honestly give it some thought. How hard is it to go buy inflatables and props from Spirit Halloween, then throw them inside a party tent with no lighting and call it a haunt? There is no creativity there. Hell anyone can do that! Now you might be thinking, “Well what if it is a brand new haunt and its just getting started.” Honestly would you use inflatables within the first five years of starting your haunt up or at all?! I don’t think so! This to us was so home hauntish! The only sections we enjoyed were the parts of the haunt where we made our way through gardens of bamboo. Here is where the creativity peaked its head out and greeted us with a grin. The bamboo chutes were either painted with neon paint or cascaded with awesome lighting. This is where we saw how creepy walking through bamboo could be. The fact that chutes can become quite dense to the point where you can’t see anything is awesome! We loved these sections!

But that is where our excitement ends. Despite these effective bamboo gardens the attraction just had so many negative factors that outweighed the positive. Aside from the lack of creativity, there was an immense amount of dead zones, no general theme, annoying club music and actors who wanted to carry a conversation with each other rather then work. Now to us Bamboo Walk of Fear had potential… if and only if the owners opted to use more of the bamboo that is used in the title of the attraction. As of right now to experience this outdoor trail you must pay a total of $25. This is outrageous to us considering that majority of the props are store bought, you walk through wide open party tents and the trail is void of actors. If they’re charging $25 per person then where is that money going? Look I know there is hard work involved in setting up an attraction but come on, store bought props?! We guess its obvious this was the major negative point from our experience. It’s just infuriating that a haunted attraction providing this description, "Bamboo Gardens Walk of Fear Is the scariest Haunted House in NJ! This haunted attraction is rated number 1!” Can get away with using inflatables and still charge $25 per person! No wonder it was dead there! It was the Saturday before Halloween and you would think there would be an hour wait. But we walked right up to the ticket booth, got our tickets, made our way to the front of the attraction, waited about two minutes before being ushered in and that was it.

Honestly for the money you would pay at Bamboo Walk of Fear you are better off driving thirty minutes to neighboring attractions that charge the same amount and deliver a much more creative and um scary experience. And we know that this review might come off a little bashy or rude but we’re an honest review site and sometimes we have to be this blunt. Don’t waste your time or your money, go elsewhere!

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