2020 frighttour

official 2020 tour update

to my loyal socially distancing & Mask wearing screamers out there
posted September 1, 2020

I would like to thank everyone for their continued support and loyalty through the years. FrightTour has become a reputable review website thanks to you. If this is the first time you have grazed the many pages of my website, welcome! For those of you who return year after year for my honest and unbiased reviews, you know that I take my review process very seriously. Therefore, it pains me to have to do this but I feel that there is no other way around it. 

Given the MANY restrictions, the new policies and procedures haunted attractions are required to adhere too during this operating season. I feel that it is highly unfair to proceed with my annual tour while holding haunted attractions to the same standards of those I have experienced in the past years. I am sure you are asking yourself right now,
"Louis, why don't you still experience the attractions on your tour and scale back your review process to accommodate given the situation?" Well I thought about that, in fact I have thought about it since the beginning of March as this pandemic has taken its course and now it is time for me to make this decision.

Haunted attractions are immersive and intimate experiences often breaking through personal barriers of comfort and space and some even smash those barriers with body contact! Aside from face masks, social distancing measures, capacity limitations for consumers and staff...the experience is the most important aspect of any haunted attraction. I feel that while the attractions will be operational and still scaring patrons, I feel that the attractions will not be at 100% and this is something that I CANNOT bring myself to experience for the first time at a new attraction. If I am going to experience an attraction, I want to experience it in all its gory glory. 

So without any further rambling, I am sad to announce that the 2020 FrightTour will be canceled this year. Believe me, I am devastated but I see no other way around it. My annual tours include close to a dozen locations in numerous states. Aside from the restrictions, I must take my own health and those who surround me into account, especially my family.

However, despite the 2020 tour being canceled, I will be venturing to one haunt this year! Come on guys, did you think I was going to go all season without visiting one haunt?! You should know me better than that by now! Given BENNETT'S CURSE of Baltimore, Maryland is our 2019 Fright of the Year...I will be venturing there to keep the screams alive! So be on the lookout for an announcement regarding my visit and of course an official review video to follow!

Until then please scream for me this year! Share your own reviews here on my site! I really appreciate you all and cannot wait to scream for you again!


Happy Screaming!


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